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    Calesco -
    it's going to be warm

    Our specialty is complex servicea
    heating systems.

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    24h service
    and supervision

    We run 24H service
    and supervision of boiler rooms

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    and design

    We offer technical consulting services including
    we prepare expert projects, audits - energy assessments

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    We supervise and service incineration plants, including incineration of hazardous materials

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    We provide storage yards and own siding
    rail in the immediate vicinity
    Szczecin - Dąbie motorway junction

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Energy Audits

CALESCO SA also conducts energy audits where we are authorized to issue a certificate of energy performance for a building. (showing building insulation efficiency or places where energy is lost)based on the building project for whatever purpose.

From 1st Jan 2009 a certificate of energy performance is an obligation for every new built house or building destined for rent or sale. After refurbishment of a building/house its energy profile changes. We can issue a new certificate taking actual data measurements from many aspects.

A certificate of energy performance shows us the total energy needed to make a building habitable. This means energy for heating the building, heating water, air-conditioning and lighting. The certificate shows hypothetical energy requirements for the building depending on its purpose and standard of insulation. It means we base our findings on constant values which can be mathematically deducted, but not family energy consumption which can not be easily predicted.

Acc. To art.57 paragraph no 1 item 7 of the Law Construction the investing person is required to include the certificate of energy performance to the notification of completion of construction the construction or application for permission to use.

No certificate of energy performance is required for following buildings:

  • historical building which are under legal and architectural protection;
  • religious buildings;
  • destined to be inhabited for a period not longer than 2 years;
  • non inhabited by people for agricultural purpose;
  • outbuildings and industrial buildings with energy supply not higher than 50kWh per m2 per year;
  • inhabited buildings but used no longer than 4 months per year;
  • detached house but not bigger than 50m2.

The certificate of energy performance is valid for 10 years under condition that the building is not refurbished. If it is refurbished energy proficiency would then change and a new certificate would be required.

Legal Acts

  • regulation of 19 Sept 2007 (Journal of Laws (Dz.U.)No 191 item 1337)
  • regulation of 7th July 1994 Construction Law (Journal of Laws(Dz.U.) no 89 item 414 and changes)


Cogeneration is the combined energy economy based on simultaneous production of electricity and heat at the maximum limit of loss of transmission and transformation of this energy. The main advantage of the process is a combination of high total efficiency, which is 90%

Cogeneration systems are built on the basis of power generators and are equipped with gas turbines or internal combustion engines powered by liquefied natural gas, biogas or fuel oil or diesel. Cogeneration Units are the ideal solution wherever there is a need for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat.

Cogeneration process is also environmentally friendly reducing CO2 emissions, dust and other substances.
Technological progress with respect for the environment is part of the development of the idea of European Union countries.

Cogeneration as a source of green energy and an innovative product may be co-funded by the European Union, Operational Programs, Infrastructure and Environment and the Innovative Economy.

Producing energy from cogeneration can achieve benefits by avoiding high expenses on purchasing electricity and heat production and profiting by the sale of certificates of origin of the high-efficiency cogeneration.

Advantages of cogeneration:

  • energy independence,
  • energy security,
  • lowering the cost of purchasing electricity and heat,
  • profits from the sale of certificates of origin of energy.

Company Calesco SA offers you:

  • to analyze the technical and economic viability of cogeneration;
  • advice on selecting cogenerators;
  • supply, installation, commissioning and servicing co-generation units;
  • assistance in obtaining financing from European Union funds;
  • preparing the necessary documentation to obtain concessions for activities related to power generation.


From the beginning, the company takes care of boiler designing and designing heating systems. Projects are carried out using CAD system, and at the request of the investors are provided in electronic form.

Another part of the business is the design and implementation of industrial automation based on Siemens equipment.

Heating systems and automation technology with its visualization as a computer carried out, among other things for hypermarket HIT in Szczecin.

The company will assist you in the project by supplying necessary equipment and installing them on site. Using the experience we serve with professional advice and technical assistance. Our employees are ready to answer your questions and will offer you the most efficient solution.